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荣誉毕业生 (SNH48 Group Honorary Graduate) 明星殿堂 (SNH48 Group Star Palace)
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IDOLS Ft 海外练习生 (SNH48 Group Overseas Trainee)

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IDOLS Ft (Idol Studio Ft) is an online Chinese idol girl group. This group is made up of all the members that are not assigned to any of the new teams after the group restructuring on Jan 19 2019.
You may click the logo to access the website.


  • They will interact with their fans through their own channels such as Pocket48 and third-party internet interactive platforms as part of a STAR48 plan to realize a completely internet-based idol development operation model.
  • The members of IDOLS Ft will also have the opportunity to rejoin the SNH48, BEJ48 and GNZ48 teams through the support and selection of fans and "internet national producers".

Idols Ft members who have promoted/graduated (In Alphabetical Order)

  • 程子钰 Cheng ZiYu (GNZ48 3rd Gen) (Graduated)
  • 代玲 Dai Ling (GNZ48 1st Gen) (Graduated)
  • 高蔚然 Gao WeiRan (BEJ48 4th Gen) (To GNZ48 Team Z)
  • 黄黎蓉 Huang LiRong (GNZ48 1st Gen) (Graduated)
  • 李慧 Li Hui (SHY48 1st Gen) (To SNH48 Team SII)
  • 司珀琳 Si PoLin (SHY48 3rd Gen) (To GNZ48 Team Z, Now: Graduated)
  • 王梓 Wang Zi (SHY48 4th Gen) (To GNZ48 Team Z)
  • 许逸 Xu Yi (SNH48 7th Gen) (Graduated)
  • 杨宇馨 Yang YuXin (BEJ48 4th Gen) (To SNH48 Team NII)
  • 曾佳 Zeng Jia (CKG48 1st Gen) (To GNZ48 Team NIII)
  • 张丹三 Zhang DanSan (SNH48 4th Gen) (To SNH48 Team X, Now: Graduated)
  • 郑一凡 Zheng YiFan (SNH48 6th Gen) (To BEJ48)

Note: With effect from 13 May, this page will only show active Idols Ft members due to the high-number of inactive Idols Ft members which have already left the group for quite some time.

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Feng JiaBao
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Liu YuQing
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Shang Guan
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Xiong XinYao
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Zhang KaiQi
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Zhu Yan